Sunday, April 29, 2012

Forex Brokers With Copy Trade

Even though the concept of copying Forex traders has been there for a while, but still its not implemented by many brokers.

Mostly it's websites and services that act as an introductory broker some of them can be trusted most of them won't deliver.

The only Forex broker with "Copy Trade" that I can think of and recommend is Open Book By eToro. Their easy to use platform makes it my top choice.

You will simply be able to choose among the top money makers that trade with that broker and automatically copy their trades to your own account while having complete control over risk and lot size.

Basically you are building your own portfolio of real traders that trades for you every day. What's best is that they are real people trading not some sort of blind robots/EAs.

The advantages of copying traders from the same broker you have your account with are enormous. For starters your money is safe you don't have to send it to anyone to trade for you. You also get a very quick execution time which basically means you will get the exact same numbers and profits of the expert that you are following.

It will take a while to test some traders and only follow the ones that fits your goals, but once you find a few traders that you are comfortable with you will then be able to see some nice profits in your account everyday.

Mohamed Rabea - ForexFaqs.Net
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